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Introduction-new here

Hi.. I'm new to this community so I thought I would introduce myself and my animals! My name is Kelly, I am 24 years old, married and I live in Sacramento, CA. I am currently attending college to become a paralegal.

I have three animals currently (use to be five but we lost our two rats about a month ago).. Bonzai- is our cat, we have raised him since he was a tiny puffball. He is deeply attached to the dog and loves to get into trouble when we are asleep at night. He loves his belly scratched and will grab unto you (gently) if you forget to give him a pet as you walk by. Red- is our dog, we have had her for roughly four years. She was rescued after spending her first year of life in an abusive home. When we got her she would sit in the corner and stare at us with puppy dog eyes. She didn't play or run around like normal dogs. Slowly though over the last four years we have brought her out of her shell.. she runs, jumps, fetches, socializes and is very well trained. Then last but not least, Moe- the bunny, she was given to us by a friend who found out she was allergic. Moe was losing hair when we first got her, but since we have made her an outside bunny she has grown all her fur back and absolutly loves the fresh air 24/7. She is a little anti social though and loves to make lots of racket.

So thats everyone!!


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